EA-10S Double Blade


The EA – 10S is the little brother of the EA – 10.

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Esox Assault TackleThe EA – 10S is the little brother of the EA – 10.  All the thump and flash of 10 blades, but with a single holographic Mylar skirt to give it the smaller profile of the EA – 8.  The EA – 10S is well suited for slow rolling over emergent weedbeds in the spring when a smaller profile bait is the ticket.  24 different color combinations to choose from.




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Traditional Black-Blades (Nickel), Black Widow-Blades (Red/Nickel), Night Stalker -Blades (Purple/Smoke), Black Smoke-Blades (Smoke), Black Orange -Blades (Orange), Baitfish-Blades (Nickel), Hot Baitfish-Blades (Chartreuse), Blue Shimmer-Blades (Blue/Nickel), Purple Shimmer-Blades (Purple), Orange Shimmer-Blades (Orange), Pink Shimmer-Blades (Pink), Gang Green-Blades (Chartreuse), Goldfish-Blades (Gold), Hot Tiger-Blades (Chartreuse), River Magic-Blades (Copper), Copperhead-Blades (Copper), Rainbow Warrior – Blades (Blue), Lucky-Blades (Nickel), Real Crappie – Blades (Crappie), Real Perch-Blades (Perch), Real Shad – Blades (Shad), Real Walleye-Blades (Walleye), Firetiger – Blades (Firetiger)


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