Mike Frer

Hi, I am Mike Frer, an avid angler with the love of catching crappies! I love going out to catch anything with gills, but pan fish have always been my number one.  

I have been fishing since I was a little boy and the love of casting poles has never left.  Rain, shine, hot, cold, ice, or open water – you name it, I will go out and fish in it!  I am the owner and creator at Twisted Ties and Jigs, which has recently become a new hobby and business venture of mine.  It is a skill and craft that I take great pride in and have gotten pretty good at (so they say!).  

I am married to the love of my life, Terese and have two very beautiful daughters, Madison and Deklynn.  While Maddy never took to my hobby, my 3.5yr old Deklynn is my fishing buddy and absolutely loves to come out with me and catch what she likes to call, whales, aka BIG fish!

Mike Frer

Fishing is a passion of mine, so any time I have the ability to teach someone, take a vet out, or just learning something new about the hobby, I am more than willing!

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